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Frank Lin
Frank Lin


With 11 years of experience in legal translation industry, I am highly specialized in translation of various kinds of legal documents that are commonly seen in leading international law firms, with a strong focus on contracts/agreements in relation to Cross-board transactions, Private equity & Investment fund, Securities and Capital Markets, Mergers & Acquisitions, Equity and debt financingGeneral Corporate, etc.

If you are looking for a Chinese legal translator who can meet your quality expectations, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Experience: 11 years /Projects: 1,500+ /Words: 6+ million[fruitful_sep]

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I know that finding a professional and reliable legal translator is not a simple task, so I’ve put all the information you need in one place to help you make your decision. In my translation career, I pride myself on my commitment to my clients, and I want to make sure they have all the details they need on my qualifications and skills.

Unlike other legal translators, I have some unique advantages that may be of some interest to you:

  1. Extensive experience: I worked as an in-house legal translator for a professional legal translation agency as well as an leading international law firm for more than 7 years, during which period, I translated various kinds of legal documents that are commonly seen in many leading international law firms and gained extensive hands-on experience.
  2. In-depth understanding: Thanks to longstanding cooperation and consultation with relevant lawyers on my translation work, I have developed an in-depth understanding of legal terms and intentions in legal documents that surpasses the knowledge of an average translator.
  3. Comprehensive knowledge: I obtained my law degree in China. In addition to general knowledge about legal systems in different jurisdictions, I have a comprehensive understanding of the laws and regulations in relation to my translation fields.

In addition, my advantages also include:

  1. One-on-one relationship: I have a one-on-one relationship with you during the whole translation process. I never subcontract work without your permission. I assume full responsibility for every aspect of my work.
  2. Consistancy: My translations will be more consistent than a mega-agency’s, because I will be the only one working on them. For example, I maintain a customer preferences file for all of my direct clients, including their in-house style preferences, their standard instructions for formatting, the names and titles of key people in the company, and any company-specific terms that they use.
  3. Attention to detail: In addition to accuracy that is paramount in all translations, I also care for the document formatting that is often overlooked by many translators. My clients always use my translation right upon receipt without spending any extra time on formatting issues.

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  • A Private Placement Memorandum and Subscription Agreement from English into Chinese for a private equity fund
  • A series of transactional legal documents from English into Chinese for a US$800million investment by an offshore (Cayman) fund in a Chinese company engaged in the business of environmental friendly decoration materials. Documents include Investment Agreements, Security Deeds, Option Agreement, Supply Agreement and Service Agreements
  • A Share Purchase And Investor Rights Agreement between a giant group holding limited and certain investors from English into Chinese for Beijing office of an American law firm
  • A Cooperation Agreement between a Chinese company (one of the largest steel companies in the world) and an Australian company in respect of their cooperation in mining business from English into Chinese
  • A Sale and Purchase Agreements and Put Option Agreement from Chinese into English for a US$3.5billion investment by a Singapore listed Company in a Chinese company engaged in the medical equipment business
  • Updates of the Intellectual Property Law from Chinese into English
  • A Distribution Agreements and Licensing Agreements from English into Chinese for a US company for its business in Shanghai
  • A US$2billion facility agreement from English into Chinese for a Magic Circle law firm

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